Our Chief Residents

Shriya Kaneriya, MD

Chief Resident, Inpatient Services

Jamie Farquhar, MD

Chief Resident, Ambulatory Services

Lindsay Leikam, MD

Chief Residents, Triple Board

Cassandra Gibson, MD

Chief Resident, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowships

Elizabeth Hale, MD

Chief Resident, Non-Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowships

Dan Salahuddin, MD 

Chief Resident, Family Medicine/Psychiatry - McKeesport

Dan Hedayati, MD

Chief Resident, Family Medicine/Psychiatry - St. Margaret’s

Matthew Geramita, MD, PhD

Chief Resident, Psychiatry Research Pathway

Eric Zimmerman, MD, PhD

Vice Chief, Psychiatry Research Pathway

Cecilia Westbrook, MD, PhD

Vice Chief, Psychiatry Research Pathway

Patrick Buckley, MD

Chief Resident for Education

Meghan Keil, MD

Vice Chair, Academic Administrator Clinician-Educator (AACE) Track

Rafi Tamargo, MD

Chief Resident, Psychotherapy Training

Jose Mantilla-Rivas, MD

Chief Resident, Well-Being Initiative