Undergraduate & Graduate Student Training

We believe that early exposure to cutting-edge research and psychiatric care in clinical settings inspires a new breed of scientists, passionate about helping those with mental illness. 

Undergraduate Student Research Training

Our undergraduate research programs are designed to engage each student in their own project that is  conducted in the context of ongoing research by faculty mentors. Students participate in an authentic research experience that helps them to define their career goals and inspires many to continue psychiatric research. 

Student prepares for an EEG study

Undergraduate research opportunities available:

How Science Works Summer Program

CNUP Summer Undergraduate Research Program

Brackenridge Undergraduate Research Fellowships




Graduate Student Research Training

The graduate programs in neuroscience at the University of Pittsburgh train promising young investigators in the fundamentals of brain research, experimental design, and the theory and practice of laboratory work. The main neuroscience graduate programs at the University of Pittsburgh include: 

Other research opportunities in specific research areas are available in the following T32 pre-doctoral training programs:

Graduate Student