Research Review Committee

The Research Review Committee (RRC) helps to ensure that research proposals prepared by investigators affiliated with our Department meet the highest scientific and ethical standards. Prior to submission to external funding agencies or initiation of internally supported research, the RRC evaluates the scientific and technical merits of research proposals planned by our faculty, collaborating faculty from outside the Department, fellows, students, and staff.

To help it succeed in its mission, the RRC requests that investigators submit proposals for review as early as possible and work proactively with the committee throughout the process. More information about the RRC and its role is described in this Academic Psychiatry paper.

To initiate a review, the Principal Investigator (PI) must submit a proposal to at least one month prior to the due date for the submission. The proposal should be submitted with a completed RRC coversheet (available in the Review Materials below).

We strongly suggest reading our submission guidelines before submitting a proposal.