Clinical Value Project Program

The Department of Psychiatry’s Clinical Value Project (CVP) Program provides funding for selected one-year pilot projects designed to increase further the quality of patient care, patient engagement and satisfaction, clinical outcomes, access to services, clinician efficiency and satisfaction - all in a cost-efficient manner.

The  Clinical Value Projects in this program  aim to 1) determine quantitative baseline measures in one or more of the above areas; 2) explore a means for improving those measures; and 3) provide a pilot demonstration that those means do (or do not) improve those measures. Past projects have addressed important topics such as preventative interventions for falls and restraints in inpatient care; using technology (texting and clinical dashboards) to increase engagement and enhance outpatient care; training non-behavioral health clinicians in specific therapies to increase effectiveness of integrated care; and using self-report histories to increase clinic efficiency and patient satisfaction.  


Have a question about this program? Please contact Lori Zippay.