How to Apply

Residents may apply to the PRP during their PGY1, PGY2, or PGY3 years. Recipients of the PGY2 10-week elective are automatically considered PRP members and should submit abridged applications with updated training plans and CVs by May 1st of PGY2. All other residents may apply for the PRP by submitting the same application prior to May 1st of PGY3. Integrated child-track residents may apply by May 1st of PGY3 if pursuing an alternative schedule.

Application Due Dates

  • 4-week PGY1 elective - applications are due prior to start of rotation
  • 10-week PGY2 elective - applications are due May 1st of PGY1


Application Components

  1. Description of the proposed training experience (about 2 to 3 pages), including: Project title; Description of mentors/mentorship plan; Background research topic; Specific aim(s); Hypotheses; Methods; Significance of research project; Additional training experiences (e.g., lab meetings); Timeline; Plans for dissemination of results.
  2. Personal statement of career goals and how the research elective would help achieve those goals.
  3. CV.
  4. Supporting letter from the mentor that includes a plan to meet regularly, opportunities for training experiences and a commitment to supply the resources necessary for the project.

Applications are reviewed by PRP and ORT leadership for applicant background, goals, quality, mentorship plans, clinical standing. Applicants are informed of the results of their applications by May 15.


Clinical Requirements

PGY3 Clinical Requirements*:

  • Full year ½ day/week psychosis clinic
  • Full year ½ day/week of general adult clinic
  • Half year ½ day/week child clinic
  • Half year ½ day/week geriatric clinic
  • Half year ½ day/week clinical elective (can be research-oriented)
  • Half year ½ day/week community psychiatry elective (may be completed in PGY4)

Psychotherapy Requirements*:

  • One psychodynamic case for 12 months
  • One IPT (completed through built-in didactic group supervision)
  • One CBT case (completed through built-in didactic group supervision)

*Integrated child-track residents have additional requirements. 


Sample PGY3 Schedule



½ year: Research
½ year: Geriatric clinic
½ year: Research
½ year: VA PTSD elective
Full year: General adult clinic
Full year: Research
Full year: Research


Full year: Psychosis clinic
Full year: Research
Full year: Research + therapy patient
½ year: Child clinic
½ year: Research