Western Psychiatric Hospital’s New Psychiatric Emergency Services Division Enhances the Patient and Visitor Experience

UPMC Western Psychiatric Hospital (WPH) has a brand-new space for emergency psychiatric care and evaluation. The renovated Western Psychiatric Hospital Psychiatric Emergency Services (WPES) division enhances the comfort of WPH visitors with a bright, inviting layout. 

The new WPES was designed with careful attention to detail to optimize the visitor experience, including: 

  • An expanded space that provides greater comfort for patients and families;

  • Improved staffing, with a team member available to attend to patient/guest needs in each milieu, as well as direct visualization and access to the central staff workstation from each milieu;

  • A new child and adolescent milieu that provides a separate area for younger patients and their families. The new Pediatric Milieu includes age-appropriate activities such as computer game kiosks and a drawing wall.

“We’re quite excited about the changes to our new Psychiatric Emergency Services Division (the former Diagnostic Evaluation Center),” said Keith Stowell, MD (Medical Director, Psychiatric Emergency Services). “After several decades on the first floor of Western Psychiatric Hospital, and with steadily increasing volume of patients and visits, we’re very pleased to have a beautiful new space on the fifth floor of WPH. We’ve re-designed this environment to make it a much warmer and more welcoming space to provide patients and their guests with greater comfort.” 

WPH Emergency Services Collage