Ryan Logan, PhD, Honored with International Behavioural and Neural Genetics Society Young Scientist Award    

We are delighted to announce that Ryan Logan, PhD, has been awarded the 2020 International Behavioural and Neural Genetics Society (IBANGS) Young Scientist Award.

The Young Scientist Award honors an early-career investigator in the field of behavioral and neural genetics. When selecting the recipient for this prestigious honor, IBANGS considers the scientific importance of research discovered, record of achievement, future scientific plans and projected impact on the field. 

Dr. Logan’s research focuses on the role of circadian rhythms in addiction and other psychiatric diseases. He is currently investigating the novel molecular and cellular mechanisms of circadian modulation of sleep and opioid reward, as well as cell type-specific role of the circadian transcription factor NPAS2 in the regulation of cocaine-related reward behaviors. He is also using CRISPR technology to develop novel tools to target distinct cell types within specific brain regions.

Upon receiving the award, Dr. Logan said, “It was a surprise, and I am truly honored to be recognized by a such fantastic society and group of scientists. I am really looking forward to presenting our work on sleep, circadian rhythms, and addiction, along with new neuroscience and genetics tools being developed as part of collaborative efforts with stellar faculty in the Department of Psychiatry.” Dr. Logan will deliver the Young Scientist Lecture at the next annual IBANGS meeting scheduled for 2021.

Congratulations, Dr. Logan!