How to Apply

Five-Year General/Child & Adolescent Combined Residency Training Program


Entry into our Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Program is similar to that of our General Psychiatry Program. Our Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Program (i.e. Psych/General/Child) has a unique NRMP Program Code (1652400C1) in ERAS. Thus, applicants can rank the “Child Track” and the “General Track” separately and express a preference for which they prefer at the time of ranking rather than after the match. If you have any questions about this, please ask at interview.

Applicants must be a senior in an approved medical school or hold an MD or DO degree. Applicants with specialty training in other areas of medicine are also welcome to apply.

We recognize the need to equip the coming generation of mental health physicians to close the gap of disparity in mental health status, services, and care. Towards this end, applicants from underrepresented background are specifically encouraged to apply to our residency training program.

Applications are accepted through ERAS (Electronic Residency Application Service). We require the following:

  1. A complete application form
  2. Personal statement (including a statement regarding areas of interest) 
  3. Medical school transcript 
  4. Three letters of reference

After completion of the review process by the Selection Committee, applicants will receive a notification from us by email. Dates for the interview will be determined at the time of invitation. We generally interview on Mondays, October through January. 

Applicants requiring ECFMG certification must ensure that USMLE transcripts are available for review on the ERAS application. 

Two-Year Child & Adolescent Fellowship Program


Application for the two-year Child and Adolescent Fellowship Program is done through ERAS. However, we do not participate in the NRMP match during years when our fellowship is filled through the Five-Year Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Program. 

Applicants requiring ECFMG certification must ensure that USMLE transcripts are available for review on the ERAS application.  

International Medical Graduates (IMG) FAQs


What is your cut off score in USMLE Steps 1 and 2 for accepting applications?

We have no specific cut off and rely on global assessment of applicants. 

Do you require US clinical experience (research, externship or observership)?

No, but it is an advantage, as is research and academic experience.

Does your program participate through ERAS?

Yes, the application deadline is mid-December.

How many IMGs are there in your program?

UPMC Western Psychiatric Hospital is an equal opportunities employer and operates an open policy in regard to resident recruitment. All residents are taken onto the program based on achievement, excellence and "goodness of fit". Numbers of IMGs vary from year to year.

Do you consider year of graduation in accepting applications?

Not generally, but the amount of time since you last practiced medicine is taken into consideration when your application is being reviewed. Each applicant is evaluated on merit and suitability for the program.

How many letters of recommendation do you require with each application?