CiTECH Funding Awarded to Postdoctoral Scholar Elizabeth McGuier, PhD, for Project Focused on Child Wellbeing

We are pleased to announce that Elizabeth McGuier, PhD, Department of Psychiatry postdoctoral research scholar, has received a Center for Interventions to Enhance Community Health (CiTECH) Practice Innovation Opportunity award. CiTECH is a unique partnership between the School of Social Work and the Department of Psychiatry dedicated to enhancing the quality and length of life of individuals living with behavioral health conditions through innovative community-based interventions. The projects selected for funding represent community-academic partnerships that aim to improve community behavioral health services and outcomes across diverse populations and settings.  

Dr. McGuier’s research focuses on promoting child well-being by preventing child maltreatment and improving the availability and quality of children’s mental health services. Her funded project is entitled "Adapting and Piloting an Evidence-Based Team Training Intervention for Child Advocacy Center Multidisciplinary Teams." 

Dr. McGuier said, “I am thrilled to partner with Mikele Bay and the Child Advocacy Center of McKean County on this project. We plan to work together to adapt TeamSTEPPS for use with multidisciplinary teams in Child Advocacy Centers. TeamSTEPPS is an evidence-based intervention to improve teamwork in healthcare settings. Multidisciplinary teams form the foundation of Child Advocacy Centers, and effective team functioning is essential to their mission of providing a “one stop shop” for victims of child abuse and their families. I am excited about the potential this project holds to strengthen Child Advocacy Center multidisciplinary teams, especially those in rural areas with limited resources.”