Camila Aponte, MD, and Hader Mansour, MD, PhD, Honored with 2020 Loren Roth Quality and Patient Safety Awards

We are delighted to announce that Camila Aponte, MD, and Hader Mansour, MD, PhD, were honored with 2020 Loren Roth Quality and Patient Safety Awards.

Dr. Aponte received the Physician Excellence Award–New Clinician of Excellence, which recognizes an early-career physician who has made exceptional contributions to UPMC’s clinical mission. Kenneth Nash, MD (Chief, Clinical Services, UPMC Western Psychiatric Hospital) noted Dr. Aponte’s outstanding clinical contributions: “Dr. Aponte is the medical director of the UPMC Center for Eating Disorders. She is excellent at being curious and digging into patient history. I recently referred an extremely complex case to her, and she was able to do what many senior physicians, thus far, had not. Dr. Aponte is a unique blend of being approachable and likable, as well as clinically excellent.”

Dr. Mansour, medical director of the Addiction Medicine Services inpatient unit, received a 2020 Richard L. Simmons, MD, Speak Up for Safety Award. This competitive award honors Dr. Richard Simmons, a leader in advancing methods for measuring and reporting health care quality and expanding the public’s capacity to evaluate the quality and safety of health care. Dr. Mansour is known among his colleagues as a champion and role model for safety. He recently led a project to dispense Naloxone to patients with opiate substance use disorder upon discharge, and increased patient education on overdose prevention. “The Simmons Award is quite an honor and a coveted prize at UPMC,” said Deborah Brodine (President, UPMC Western Psychiatric Hospital). “I am thrilled to see Dr. Mansour receive it.”

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Aponte and Dr. Mansour!