Behavioral Health Experts, Patients & Families Gather for Child and Adolescent Bipolar Spectrum Services Conference

“It’s not like I don’t have problems anymore, but it’s manageable with my support system. There will be setbacks, but you have to trust the process.” A young adult living with bipolar disorder opened the third Child and Adolescent Bipolar Spectrum Services (CABS) Conference, speaking to a diverse group of behavioral health professionals, as well as patients and their families, assembled to learn about early identification, risk assessment and management of bipolar spectrum disorders in youth. 

The conference, presented by the CABS Clinic of UPMC Western Psychiatric Hospital, provided an opportunity for professionals, as well as those personally affected by bipolar disorder, to learn about the latest research and clinical knowledge regarding mood dysregulation. The opening speaker, who shared personal experiences and reflections about living with the disorder, preceded Boris Birmaher, MD (Department of Psychiatry Endowed Chair in Early Onset Bipolar Disease and Director, CABS) who delivered the keynote presentation, “What do We Know About Risks for Onset and Recurrence of Bipolar Spectrum Disorders in Youth?” As Rasim Diler, MD, CABS co-director, noted in his introduction, Dr. Birmaher “will go not the extra mile, but an extra thousand miles,” for his patients. 

Following the keynote, featured presenters included Department of Psychiatry faculty Peter Franzen, PhD, and Tina Goldstein, PhD, who spoke on the assessment and management of sleep in youth with and at risk for bipolar spectrum disorders. Benjamin Goldstein, MD, PhD, FRCPC (University of Toronto) delivered a talk entitled “The Vascular-Bipolar Link: Heart Risk or Hearty Opportunity?” Afternoon programming included a presentation from a family member of a young person living with bipolar disorder, as well as a discussion forum on assessment and management of the disorder, and four breakout sessions pertaining to diagnosis and treatment. 

Congratulations to Dr. Birmaher, Dr. Diler and the entire CABS team on an enlightening and successful conference!

2019 CABS Conference Collage