Holly A Swartz, MD

Holly A Swartz, MD

Professor of Psychiatry

Contact Details

3811 O'Hara Street

Education & Training

Albert Einstein School of Medicine
Psychiatry, New York Hospital, Payne Whitney Clinic
Readers Digest Research Fellowship, Cornell University Medical Center

Current Appointments

Director, Center for Advanced Psychotherapy
Medical Director, Depression and Manic Depression Prevention Program

Professional Affiliations

Member, International Society of Interpersonal Psychotherapy
Member, Steering Committee, International Society for Bipolar Disorders
Conference Chair, American Society for Clinical Psychopharmacology

Selected Honors & Awards

Top 10 Advancements & Breakthroughs, Brain & Behavior Research Foundation
Klerman Interpersonal Psychotherapy Award, International Society for Interpersonal Psychotherapy
Gerald L. Klerman Young Investigator Award, Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

Research Interests

Bipolar disorder; Maternal depression; Psychotherapy research
Selected Research Publications & Products
  1. Swartz HA, Rucci P, Thase ME, Wallace M, Carretta E, Celedonia KL, Frank E. Psychotherapy alone and combined with medication as treatments for bipolar II depression: A randomized controlled trial. J Clin Psychiatry; in press
  2. Phillips ML, Swartz HA. A critical appraisal of neuroimaging studies of bipolar disorder: toward a new conceptualization of underlying neural circuitry and roadmap for future research; Am J Psychiatry 2014; 171 (8):829-43. (PMID: 24626773; PMCID: PMC4119497)
  3. Swartz HA, Cyranowski JM, Cheng Y, Zuckoff A, Brent DA, Markowitz JC, Martin S, Amole MC, Ritchey F, Frank E. Brief psychotherapy for maternal depression: Impact on mothers and children. J Am Acad Child Adol Psychiatry 2016; 55 (6):495-503 (PMCID: PMC4886238)
  4. Swartz HA, Frank E, Cheng Y. A randomized pilot study of psychotherapy and quetiapine for the acute treatment of bipolar II depression. Bipolar Disord 2012; 14: 211-216. (doi:10.1111/j.1399-5618.2012.00988.x; PMID 224202597; PMCID: PMC3307150)
  5. Swartz HA, Frank E, Zuckoff A, Cyranowski JM, Houck PR, Cheng Y, Fleming MAD, Grote NK, Brent DA, Shear MK. Brief interpersonal psychotherapy for depressed mothers whose children are receiving psychiatric treatment. Am J Psychiatry 2008; 165: 1155-1162. (PMCID: PMC2757752)

Clinical Interests

Bipolar disorder; Depression; Interpersonal Psychotherapy
Selected Clinical Publications & Products
  1. Swartz HA, Grote NK, Graham P. Brief interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT-B): Overview and review of the evidence. Am J Psychotherapy 2014; 68 (4) 443-462. PMCID: PMC3149872
  2. Swartz HA, Fagiolini A. Cardiovascular disease and bipolar disorder: Risk and clinical implications. J. Clin Psychiatry 2012; 73 (12) 1563-1565 (doi:10.4088/JCP.12ac08227; PMID 23290329).
  3. Swartz HA, Levenson JC, Frank E. Psychotherapy for bipolar II disorder: The role of interpersonal and social rhythm therapy. Prof Psychol Res Pr 2012; 43 (2): 145-153. (doi:10.1037/a0027671)
  4. Swartz HA, Frank E, OToole K, Newman N, Kiderman H, Carlson S, Fink JW, Cheng Y, Maihoefer C, Wells KF, Houck PR, Painter T, Ortenzio SH, Simon SL, Henschke P, Ghinassi F. Implementing interpersonal and social rhythm therapy for mood disorders across a continuum of care. Psychiatr Serv 2011; 62:1377-1380. (PMID 22211221
  5. Swartz HA, Zuckoff A, Grote NK, Spielvogle HN, Bledsoe SE, Shear MK, Frank E. Engaging depressed patients in psychotherapy: Integrating techniques from motivational interviewing and ethnographic interviewing to improve treatment participation. Prof Psychol Res Pr 2007, 38:430-439

Education Interests

Resident psychotherapy training; Resident pharmacology education; Psychology internship pharmacology education
Selected Education Publications & Products
  1. Swartz HA Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT) for depressed adults: Indications, theoretical foundations, general concepts, and efficacy. In: Roy-Byrne PP, Solomon D, eds., UpToDate; Waltham, MA: 2010-2016. www.uptodate.com
  2. Swartz HA Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT) for depressed adults: Specific interventions and techniques. In: Roy-Byrne PP, Solomon D, eds., UpToDate; Waltham, MA: 2010-2016. www.uptodate.com