New Faculty - Dr. Kristine Wilckens


The Department of Psychiatry is pleased to welcome Kristine Wilckens, PhD to its faculty.  

After earning a Master?s Degree in Psychology from New York University, Dr. Wilckens attended the University of Pittsburgh, where she participated in the predoctoral training program in Behavioral Brain Research and earned a PhD in Cognitive Psychology in 2012. 

As a postdoctoral scholar in the Clinical and Translational Research Training Late-Life Mood Disorders program, Dr. Wilckens worked closely with her mentors, Drs. Daniel Buysse and Martica Hall, to further develop her research skills focusing on the role of sleep in brain health and cognition.  This work laid the foundation for current K01 career development award ? ?Slow-Wave Sleep and Executive Network Function in Older Adults.?

Dr. Wilckens is the author of peer-reviewed articles appearing in journals including the Journal of Sleep Research and Psychology and Aging, as well as numerous abstracts and other publications.  She has also presented her findings at the annual meetings of the Society of Neuroscience, Associated Professional Sleep Societies, and the Cognitive Neuroscience Society as well as other professional organizations.  

In addition to her research activities, Dr. Wilckens is a dedicated member of the academic community.  She has been active as a teacher and mentor to undergraduate and graduate students, and has reviewed manuscripts for a number of scientific and medical journals.