12-01-12: Hot Publications

Hot Publications

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Guilloux J-P, Douillard-Guilloux G, Kota R, Wang X, Gardier AM, Martinowich K, Tseng GC, Lewis DA and Sibille E.  Molecular evidence for BDNF- and GABA-related dysfunctions in the amygdala of female subjects with major depression.  Molecular Psychiatry 17:1130-1142, 2012.

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Miller JD, Morse JQ, Nolf K, Stepp SD and Pilkonis PA. Can DSM-IV borderline personality disorder be diagnosed via dimensional personality traits? Implications for the DSM-5 personality disorder proposal.  Journal of Abnormal Psychology 121:944-950, 2012.

Molina BSG, Pelham Jr. WE, Cheong J, Marshal MP, Gnagy EM and Curran PJ.  Childhood attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and growth in adolescent alcohol use: The roles of functional impairments, ADHD symptom persistence, and parental knowledge.  Journal of Abnormal Psychology 121:922-935, 2012.

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