06-01-12: Hot Publications

Hot Research Publications from Department Faculty

Bridge JA, McBee-Strayer SM, Cannon EA, Sheftall AH, Reynolds B, Campo JV, Pajer KA, Barbe RP and Brent DA.  Impaired decision making in adolescent suicide attempters, Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, 51:394-403, 2012

Cuijpers P, Beekman ATF and Reynolds CF.  Preventing depression:  A global priority, Journal of the American Medical Association, 307:1033-1034, 2012

Forbes EE, Dahl RE,  Almeida JRC, Ferrell RE, Nimgaonkar VL, Mansour H, Sciarrillo SR, Holm SM, Rodriguez EE and Phillips ML. PER2 rs2304672 polymorphism moderates circadian-relevant reward circuitry activity in adolescents, Biological Psychiatry, 71:451-457, 2012

Geller B, Luby JL, Joshi P, Wagner KD, Emslie G, Walkup JT, Axelson DA, Bolhofner K, Robb A, Wolf DV, Riddle MA, Birmaher B, Nusrat N, Ryan ND, Vitiello B, Tillman R and Lavori P. A randomized controlled trial of risperidone, lithium, or divalproex sodium for initial treatment of bipolar I disorder, manic or mixed phase, in children and adolescents.  Archives of General Psychiatry, 69:515-528, 2012

Hamdan S, Melhem NM, Porta G, Walker Payne M and Brent DA. The phenomenology and course of depression in parentally bereaved and non-bereaved youth, Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, 51:528-536, 2012

Hornig M, Briese T, Licinio J, Khabbaz RF, Altshuler LL, Potkin SG, Schwemmle M, Siemetzki U, Mintz J, Honkavuori K, Kraemer HC, Egan MF, Whybrow PC, Bunney WE and Lipkin WI.  Absence of evidence for bornavirus infection in schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and major depressive disorder, Molecular Psychiatry, 17:486-493, 2012

Joeyen-Waldorf J, Nikolova YS, Edgar N, Walsh C, Kota R, Lewis DA, Ferrell R, Manuck SB, Hariri AR and Sibille E.  Adenylate Cyclase 7 is implicated in the biology of depression and modulation of affective neural circuitry, Biological Psychiatry, 71:627-632, 2012

Joffe H, Chang Y, Dhaliwal S, Hess R, Thurston R, Gold E, Matthews KA and Bromberger JT. Lifetime history of depression and anxiety disorders as a predictor of quality of life in midlife women in the absence of current illness episodes.  Archives of General Psychiatry, 69:484-492, 2012

McMakin DL, Olino TM, Porta G, Dietz LJ, Emslie G, Clarke G, Dineen Wagner K, Asarnow JR, Ryan ND, Birmaher B, Shamseddeen W, Mayes T, Kennard B, Spirito A, Keller M, Lynch FL, Dickerson JF and Brent DA.  Anhedonia predicts poorer recovery among youth with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor treatment?resistant depression, Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, 51:404-411, 2012

Metsch LR, Feaster DJ, Gooden L, Matheson T, Mandler RN, Haynes L, Tross S, Kyle T, Gallup D, Kosinski AS, Douaihy A, Schackman BR, Das M, Lindblad R, Erickson S, Korthuis PT, Martino S, Sorensen JL, Szapocznik J, Walensky R, Branson B, Colfax GN.  Implementing rapid HIV testing with or without risk-reduction counseling in drug treatment centers: Results of a randomized trial, American Journal of Public Health, 102:1160-1167, 2012

Moses-Kolko EL, Price JC, Wisner KL, Hanusa BH, Meltzer CC, Berga SL, Grace AA, Lanza di Scalea T, Kaye WH, Becker C and Drevets WC. Postpartum and depression status are associated with lower [11C]raclopride BPND in reproductive-age women, Neuropsychopharmacology, 37:1422-1432, 2012

Neale BM, Kou Y, Liu L, Ma?ayan A, Samocha KE, Sabo A, Lin C-F, Stevens C, Wang L-S, Makarov V, Polak P,  Yoon S,  Maguire J,  Crawford EL, Campbell NG, Geller ET,  Valladares O, Schafer C, Liu H,  Zhao T, Cai G, Lihm J, Dannenfelser R, Jabado O, Peralta Z, Nagaswamy U, Muzny D, Reid JG, Newsham I, Wu Y, Lewis L, Han Y,  Voight BF, Lim E, Rossin E, Kirby A, Flannick J, Fromer M, Shakir K, Fennell T, Garimella K, Banks E, Poplin R, Gabriel S, DePristo M, Wimbish JR, Boone BE, Levy SE, Betancur C,  Sunyaev S,  Boerwinkle E, Buxbaum JD, Cook Jr EH, Devlin B, Gibbs RA, Roeder K, Schellenberg GD, Sutcliffe JS and Daly MJ. Patterns and rates of exonic de novo mutations in autism spectrum disorders, Nature, 485:242-245, 2012

Sanders SJ, Murtha MT, Gupta AR, Murdoch JD, Raubeson MJ, Willsey AJ, Ercan-Sencicek AG, DiLullo NM, Parikshak NN, Stein JL, Walker MF, Ober GT, Teran NA, Song Y, El-Fishawy P, Murtha RC, Choi M, Overton JD, Bjornson RD, Carriero NJ, Meyer KA, Bilguvar K, Mane SM, ?estan N, Lifton RP, Günel M, Roeder K, Geschwind DH, Devlin D and State MW.  De novo mutations revealed by whole-exome sequencing are strongly associated with autism, Nature, 485:237-241, 2012

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Verrico CD, Liu S, Bitler EJ, Gu H, Sampson AR, Bradberry CD and Lewis DA.  Delay- and dose-dependent effects of ?9-tetrahydrocannabinol administration on spatial and object working memory tasks in adolescent rhesus monkeys, Neuropsychopharmacology, 37: 1357-1366, 2012

Vitiello B, Elliott GR, Swanson JM, Arnold LE, Hechtman L, Abikoff H, Molina BSG, Wells K, Wigal T, Jensen PS, Greenhill LL, Kaltman JR, Severe JB, Odbert C, Hur K and Gibbons R. Blood pressure and heart rate over 10 years in the multimodal treatment study of children with ADHD. American Journal of Psychiatry, 169:167-177, 2012

Wilcox HC, Kuramoto SJ, Brent DA and Runeson B.  The interaction of parental history of suicidal behavior and exposure to adoptive parents' psychiatric disorders on adoptee suicide attempt hospitalizations.  American Journal of Psychiatry, 169:309-315, 2012