Kristine Wilckens, PhD

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

Contact Details

3811 O'Hara St.

Education & Training

University of Pittsburgh, Graduate School of Public Health Psychology
New York University Cognitive Psychology
University of Pittsburgh School of MedicineGeriatric Mental Health

Professional Affiliations

Member, Sleep Research Society
Member, Cognitive Neuroscience Society

Selected Honors & Awards

Outstanding Diversity-Relative Research Award, University of Pittsburgh, Department of Psychology

Research Interests

Sleep; Memory and executive function; Cortical circuitry
Selected Research Publications & Products
  1. Changes in cognitive performance are associated with changes in sleep in older adults with insomnia. KA Wilckens, MH Hall, RD Nebes, TH Monk, and DJ Buysse. (2016) Behavioral Sleep Medicine, 14(3):295-310.
  2. Physical activity and cognition: a mediating role of efficient sleep. KA Wilckens, KI Erickson, and ME Wheeler. (2016) Behavioral Sleep Medicine, 1-18, Epub online Dec. 9, 2016
  3. The role of non-rapid eye movement slow-wave activity in prefrontal metabolism across young and middle-aged adults. KA Wilckens, HJ Aizenstein, EA Nofzinger, JA James, BP Hasler, BL Rosario-Rivera, PL Franzen, A Germain, MH Hall, DJ Kupfer, JC Price, GJ Siegle, and DJ Buysse. (2016) Journal of Sleep Research, 25(3), 296-306.
  4. Role of sleep continuity and total sleep time in executive function across the adult lifespan. KA Wilckens, SG Woo, AR Kirk, KI Erickson, and ME Wheeler (2014) Psychology and Aging, 29(3), 658-665.
  5. Age-related decline in controlled retrieval: the role of the PFC and sleep. KA Wilckens, KI Erickson, and ME Wheeler (2012) Neural Plasticity, Epub Aug. 28, 2012

Education Interests

Sleep medicine; Sleep neuroscience; Cognitive neuroscience