Bernie Devlin, PhD Promoted

School of Medicine Promotes
Bernie Devlin, PhD to Professor of Psychiatry

Bernie Devlin, PhD

The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine has promoted Bernie Devlin, PhD to the rank of Professor of Psychiatry (tenured).  He holds secondary academic appointments in the Department of Human Genetics, the University?s Clinical and Translational Science Institute, and Carnegie Mellon University?s Department of Statistics.  He is recognized nationally and internationally for his work in statistical genetics, such as his induction as a fellow of the Statistics Section of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (2009). He also collaborates with large national and international consortia for the study of the genetics of brain diseases.  Dr. Devlin?s efforts in these areas are well-known in studies of autism and schizophrenia, and his methodological approaches have been adapted as standards in the field.  His work has had impact beyond the field of behavioral health. Before joining the Department of Psychiatry, one of the areas Dr. Devlin studied was the use of DNA hypervariable markers as forensic evidence.  By statistically modeling the processes generating these molecular data, his studies led to recommendations that currently guide court practices and FBI procedures.  In addition to his extensive research activities, Dr. Devlin mentors pre- and postdoctoral trainees both within the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University, as well as junior faculty members, and has served on numerous dissertation committees. Congratulations to Dr. Devlin on his promotion and we look forward to his future scientific contributions.