Career Development Funding

Emerging Star Award

The Emerging Star Award provides support for the research endeavors of exceptional psychiatry residents whose goal is to become successful investigators who conduct high impact research on psychiatric disorders. The Emerging Star Award provides research support of $50,000 per recipient.

Funds may be used to support specific activities that will enhance the recipient’s research activities and career development as physician-scientists. These expenses may include resources to conduct pilot projects (e.g. participant payments, imaging services or other research-related technical services, laboratory supplies, etc.); funds to facilitate their participation at conferences, workshops and/or national meetings sponsored by scientific societies where they can obtain training, disseminate their work, and obtain valuable feedback from experienced investigators; and tuition for coursework relative to their areas of interest and research activities.

Applicants interviewing for admission to the University of Pittsburgh's Department of Psychiatry Residency Training Program will be considered for the award and are notified of the award by the Chair's Office shortly after completing the interview.

Current Emerging Star Awardees

  • Chad Donahue, MD, PhD
  • Angela Ianni, MD, PhD 
  • Cecilia Westbrook, MD, PhD 
  • Eric Zimmerman, MD, PhD 


Physician Scientist Incubator Program

The goal of the Physician Scientist Incubator Program at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine is to train the highest quality biomedical physician investigators, focusing at this time on those with MD degrees without PhD doctoral training who seek careers that involve pre-clinical research. Support from the Burroughs Wellcome Foundation (BWF), UPMC and the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine enables us to offer comprehensive training for residents and fellows as BWF Scholars. 

Current Physician Scientist Incubator Program Award Recipients

  • Youjin Chung, MD
  • Joshua Krivinko, MD