Our Chief Residents

Elizabeth Kistler, MD

Chief Resident, Inpatient Services

Elizabeth Hale, MD

Chief Resident, Ambulatory Services

Amanda Downey, MD and Carolyn Wiersma, MD

Co-Chief Residents, Triple Board

Aaron Jenkins, MD

Chief Resident, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowships

Alex Israel, MD

Chief Resident, Non-Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowships

Andrew Parsons, MD

Chief Resident, Family Medicine/Psychiatry - McKeesport

Jiayun Lu, MD

Chief Resident, Family Medicine/Psychiatry - St. Margaret’s

Alfredo Sklar, MD, PhD

Chief Resident, Psychiatry Research Pathway

Shinny-Yi (Cindy) Chou, MD, PhD

Vice-Chief Resident, Psychiatry Research Pathway

Nina Ross, MD

Chief Resident for Education

Piper Carroll, MD

Vice Chair, Academic Administrator, Clinician-Educator (AACE) Track

Isabelle Bollendorf, MD

Chief Resident, Psychotherapy Training

James “Scott” Steele, MD, PhD

Chief Resident, Well-Being Initiatives

Western Psychiatric Hospital Chief Residents 2019-2020