Marsha D Marcus, PhD

Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology

Contact Details

3811 O'Hara St.

Education & Training

University of Pittsburgh, Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences Clinical Psychology
University of Pittsburgh, School of Social Work Psychiatric Social Work
Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic of UPMCClinical Psychology

Specialty Certifications

Licensed by the Pennsylvania State Board of Psychology

Professional Affiliations

Fellow, Academy for Eating Disorders
Fellow, Society of Behavioral Medicine
Fellow, The Obesity Society

Selected Honors & Awards

Lifetime Achievement Award, Academy for Eating Disorders
Outstanding Clinical Educator, Society of Clinical Psychology, American Psychological Association
Mentoring Award, Clinical Psychology of Women, American Psychological Association

Research Interests

Classification and treatment of eating disorders; Treatment of pediatric and adult obesity; Overlap of psychiatry and physical health
Selected Research Publications & Products
  1. Zerwas SC, Watson HJ, Hofmeier SM, Levine MD, Hamer RM, Crosby RD, Runfola CD, Peat CM, Shapiro JR, Zimmer B, Moessner M, Kordy H, Marcus MD,* Bulik CM. A randomized controlled trial of online chat and face-to-face group therapy for bulimia nervosa. Psychother Psychosom, 2017;86(1):47-53. PMID: 27883997 (*Senior author with Dr. Bulik).
  2. Marcus MD, Wilfley DE, El ghormli L, Zeitler P, Linder B, Hirst K, Ievers-Landis CE, van Buren DJ, Walders-Abramson N. Weight change in the management of youth-onset type 2 diabetes: the TODAY clinical trial experience. Pediatr Obes. 2017;12:337-345. PMID: 27161901
  3. The HEALTHY Study Group (Foster G, Linder B, Baranowski T, Cooper, DM, Goldberg L, Harrell JS, Kaufman K, Marcus MD, Trevino RP, Hirst K). A school-based intervention for diabetes risk reduction. New Engl J Med 2010; 363:443-53. PMCID: PMC2924187
  4. Marcus MD, Wildes JE. Obesity: Is it a Mental Disorder? Int J Eat Disorders 2009; 12:739-5753. PMID: 19610015
  5. Kalarchian MA, Levine M, Arslanian S, Ewing L, Houck P, Cheng Y, Ringham R, Sheets C, Marcus MD. Family-Based Treatment of Severe Pediatric Obesity: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Pediatrics 2009;124:1060-1068. PMCID: PMC2935494

Clinical Interests

Eating disorders; Obesity
Selected Clinical Publications & Products
  1. Marcus MD. Connections between eating disorders and obesity. In KD Brownell, BT Walsh, eds., Eating Disorders and Obesity: a Comprehensive Handbook Third Edition. New York: Guilford Press,2017: 229-234.
  2. Yanovski SZ, Marcus MD, Wadden TA, Walsh BT. The Questionnaire on Eating and Weight Patterns-5 (QEWP-5): an updated screening instrument for binge eating disorder. Int J Eat Disord, 2015; 48:259-261. PMCID: PMC4374019
  3. 66.Marcus MD, Wildes JE. Eating problems in individuals with overweight and obesity. In BT Walsh, Sysco R, Glasofer DR, Attia EA. Handbook of Assessment and Treatment of Eating Disorders. Arlington VA: American Psychiatric Publishing, 2016: 65-82.
  4. Attia E, Marcus MD, Walsh BT, Guarda AS. The need for consistent outcome measures in eating disorder treatment programs: a proposal for the field, Int J Eat Disord, 2017; 1-4.
  5. Marcus MD, Wildes JE. Evidence Based Psychological Treatments for Eating Disorders. In GO Gabbard, ed., Treatments of psychiatric disorders, 5th edition. Washington DC: American Psychiatric Publishing, 2014: 539-548.

Education Interests

Mentoring psychology interns; Mentoring postdoctoral fellows