Kupfer Fellowship

Department of Psychiatry Establishes
David J. Kupfer Residency Research Fellowship

The Department of Psychiatry is pleased to announce the establishment of the David J. Kupfer Residency Research Fellowship, a new program designed to support the research endeavors and career development of exceptional psychiatry residents.

In announcing the establishment of this program, Dr. Lewis noted that “Dr. Kupfer is a quintessential physician-investigator whose contributions to improving the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric illnesses are known throughout the world. This fellowship recognizes his scientific accomplishments and his commitment to mentoring throughout his career. The support provided through this program will help the next generation of physician-investigators to advance further along the trail he has blazed.”

The fellowship provides resources and support to psychiatry residents in the Department’s Psychiatry Research Pathway whose career goals focus on reducing the burden of psychiatric illness by increasing our understanding of nature of these disorders, and by developing and testing new therapeutic approaches to effectively manage these conditions. The award provides up to $50,000 in support for research projects and for training activities that will promote career development as physician-scientists.

The award is named in honor of Dr. David Kupfer, a pioneer in a number of areas in psychiatric research, and a dedicated mentor and teacher. His work has been particularly important to increasing our understanding of the neurobiology of mood disorders, and to the development and testing of numerous clinical interventions to reduce the burden of these disorders.



For more information regarding the David J. Kupfer Residency Research Fellowship, please visit the Psychiatry Research Pathway page on our web site.