Resident Wellbeing Initiative

Risks for physician burnout during residency training are recognized nationwide. The Resident Wellness Initiative in our Department is designed to address this problem directly by inspiring a culture that values, prioritizes, and fosters wellbeing in our residency training community. Through this trainee-institution partnership, we hope to encourage our residents’ self-care and personal growth.

Goals and Objectives

For our patients, our community, our families, and ourselves, we have the responsibility to teach, model and create an environment that fosters both physical and emotional health. Through the Resident Wellbeing Initiative we endeavor to foster a culture that values:

  • A sense of community
  • Emotional and psychological wellbeing
  • Physical fitness and nutrition
  • Preventive medicine and self-care
  • Current and future financial security
  • Mindset and behavior adaptability


Through our efforts in establishing wellbeing in our everyday activities as physicians, we can combat stigma, improve transparency, engender trust, and acknowledge:

  • Our vulnerabilities and imperfections
  • Our self-imposed expectations
  • Our ability to make mistakes
  • Our discomfort with medical uncertainty
  • Our need for support in difficult times
  • Our humanness