Mentors are invaluable in helping early career psychiatrists acquire new skills, network with career-expanding colleagues, and navigate the challenges associated with career advancement. Our Department and its faculty are dedicated to helping physicians navigate the transition from residency to their careers as clinicians, educators, and researchers. 

Our mentors represent a wide range of interests and are committed to helping you build a career in Public Service Psychiatry.


Salim Chowdhury, MDAddictions, Managed Care, Telepsychiatry
Jody Glance, MDAddictions and Women’s Health
Scott Golden, MDAddictions and Co-occurring Disorders
Antoine Douaihy, MDAddictions and Co-occurring Disorders
Julie Kmiec, MDAddictions
Anne Boetcher, MDAddictions, Medication-Assisted Treatment
Dan Cohen, MDCo-occurring disorders
Mark Beuger, MDAddictions and Community Treatment Team

Children and Adolescents:

Sansea Jacobson, MDChildren and Adolescents
Kim Mathos, MDChildren and Adolescents, Hearing-impaired
Melissa Muniz, MDChildren and Adolescents, School-based Services
Kim Clinebell, MDChildren and Adolescents, Serious Mental Illness
Kenneth Nash, MD, MMMChildren and Adolescents, System Administration

Community Treatment Team:

Will Cutlip, MDCommunity Treatment Team
Brenda Freeman, MDCommunity Treatment Team, Primary Care Psychiatry
Tamar Carmel, MDCommunity Treatment Team, Integrated Primary Care, Serious Mental Illness
Vernon Nathaniel, MDCommunity Treatment Team, Geriatrics
Mike Usman, MDCommunity Treatment Team, Disaster Psychiatry


Christine Martone, MDForensics
Loren Roth, MDForensics, Administration
Jack Rozel, MDForensics, Crisis Services

Geriatric Medicine:

Robert Marin, MDGeriatric Psychiatry, Urban and Minority Populations
James Tew, MDGeriatric Psychiatry, Administration
Andrea Fox, MDGeriatric Medicine, Primary care

Health Services Research:

Bradley Stein, MDServices Research
Edward Mulvey, PhDServices Research
David Kolko, MDServices Research


Jim Withers, MDHomelessness
Wesley Sowers, MDHomelessness, Addictions and Administration

Integrated Primary Care:

Ken Thompson, MDIntegrated Primary Care, Administration
Sharon Kohnen, MDIntegrated Primary Care
Julia Macedo, MDFQHC Integrated Care

Medical Economics/Managed Care:

James Gavin, MAAdministration, Medical Economics
James Schuster, MDManaged Care
Gina Perez, MDNetwork Development and Management

Rural Practice:

Robert Davis, MDRural Practice, Community Treatment Team
Brian Eberts, MDRural Practice
Suzanne Vogel-Scibilia, MDRural Practice, Advocacy

Serious Mental Illness:

Kevin Carl, MDSerious Mental Illness, Correctional Psychiatry
Roy Chengappa, MDSerious Mental Illness, Primary Care
Jessica Gannon, MDSerious Mental Illness
Charles Kahn, MDSerious Mental Illness

Spiritually-Informed Care:

Jessica Kettel, MD, PhDSpiritually Informed Care, Developmental Disorders