Tsafrir Greenberg, PhD

Research Instructor in Psychiatry

Contact Details

3811 O'Hara St.

Education & Training

Stony Brook University, College of Arts & Sciences Biopsychology and Integrative Neuroscience
University of PittsburghClinical Affective Neuroscience

Professional Affiliations

Member, Society of Biological Psychiatry

Research Interests

Neural markers of mood and anxiety disorders; Emotion processing and regulation; Reward and fear learning
Selected Research Publications & Products
  1. Greenberg T, Bertocci MA, Chase HW, Stiffler R, Aslam HA, Graur S, Bebko G, Lockovich JC, Phillips ML. Mediation by anxiety of the relationship between amygdala activity during emotion processing and poor quality of life in young adults. Translational Psychiatry. 2017;7(7):e1178.
  2. Greenberg T, Chase HW, Almeida JR, Stiffler R, Zevallos CR, Aslam HA, Deckersbach T, Weyandt S, Cooper C, Toups M, Carmody T, Kurian B, Peltier S, Adams P, McInnis MG, Oquendo MA, McGrath PJ, Fava M, Weissman M, Parsey R, Trivedi MH, Phillips ML. Moderation of the Relationship Between Reward Expectancy and Prediction Error-Related Ventral Striatal Reactivity by Anhedonia in Unmedicated Major Depressive Disorder: Findings From the EMBARC Study. The American journal of psychiatry. 2015;172(9):881-91.
  3. Greenberg T, Carlson JM, Rubin D, Cha J, Mujica-Parodi L. Anticipation of high arousal aversive and positive movie clips engages common and distinct neural substrates. Social cognitive and affective neuroscience. 2015;10(4):605-11.
  4. Greenberg T, Carlson JM, Cha J, Hajcak G, Mujica-Parodi LR. Ventromedial prefrontal cortex reactivity is altered in generalized anxiety disorder during fear generalization. Depression and anxiety. 2013;30(3):242-50.
  5. Greenberg T, Carlson JM, Cha J, Hajcak G, Mujica-Parodi LR. Neural reactivity tracks fear generalization gradients. Biological psychology. 2013;92(1):2-8.